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Co2 Grow Room Co2
When CO2 is injected into a grow room at a level of 1000 - 1500 ppm, it can seriously speed up your plants growth by up to twice as much. It is not something that is essential to your grow, but if you have the money and time to experiment then this co2 enrichment can seriously boost your yields. You need to make sure you have a sealed grow room as co2 is heavier than oxygen and will leak out of your room.

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(inc. vat)
Enhancer CO2 Dispersal Canister   £23.95

CO2 Layflat Release Pipe (Sold in 5 Meter Lengths)
This Lay Flat tubing is the ideal product to 'pipe' your bottled CO2 around the grow room. It is flexible and lightweight. CO2 tubing is supplied in 5 metre lengths
CO2 Layflat Release Pipe (Sold in 5 Meter Lengths) 09-400-045   £1.95