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Welcome to Grow & Harvest, a hydroponics superstore offering hydroponic supplies for hydroponic growers and indoor gardeners across the country and all over Europe. Whether you’re just starting your hydroponics journey, or you’re an enthusiast with many year’s experience, we are certain that you will be able to find the perfect kit for your individual needs and requirements within our hydroponic kits range. With a huge passion for hydroponics and everything involved with indoor growing, we are constantly on the lookout for new products and advances in technology and strive to offer the latest and greatest collection of hydroponics kits available in the UK.
We don’t stop at hydroponic kits either, providing our clients and customers with not only the choice to purchase complete kits containing everything that they need to grow hydroponically, we also provide the most up to date and cutting edge additions to your hydroponic growing equipment, items including the latest grow lights, nutrients, fans, grow medium and much, much more. Constantly on the lookout for new products we update all of our collections on a regular basis, ensuring that we can cater for all hydroponics needs. Not only this, but we test out all of our hydroponics equipment before putting it on our shelves and making it available to the public; Whether it is one of our Gavita lights that you’re thinking of buying, or anything else, when purchasing from Grow & Harvest, hydroponics store you can rest assured knowing that you will only receive premium, tried and tested products.

Great Selection of Grow Lights & Complete Grow Kits

At Grow & Harvest we pride ourselves on knowing that we constantly offer the greatest and most comprehensive selection of hydroponics equipment possible, encompassing products and kits for all kinds of hydroponic grower and hydroponics growers of all levels. Whether you are searching for an individual product such as Gavita lights or complete kits, we are certain that we will be able to assist you.
Constantly ensuring that we are offering the most high quality grow tents possible, we only offer the greatest products to our customers as we want them to be able to grow in the most marvellous ways possible. All of our growing tents are industry renowned and highly recommended, meaning that whichever you select, you’re bound to be impressed. This stands for all of the other hydroponics products and equipment which we stock also.
Home to a team whom are not only helpful and friendly but also passionate about hydroponics and everything related, we are always here to help our customers whether they have any questions regarding our grow kits or require advice and guidance. Right from the start of your hydroponics journey, up until you’re an expert – We are here to assist. If you would like any additional information regarding Grow & Harvest or hydroponics, or have any questions that you would like answering don’t hesitate to get in touch with our very own hydroponics enthusiasts today - 0151 678 8302
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