Duct Fans

Air movement helps maintain ideal levels of several parameters such as temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide in the grow room. These parameters need to be effectively controlled in order to avoid a number of problems. Our SystemAir, Isomax acoustic fans are perfect for any hydroponics grow room. You should never skimp on your extraction/duct fans, they will pay you back in increased yield grow after grow.

  • Systemair RVK Sileo In-line Duct Fans

  • Red Scorpion Inline Duct Fans

  • Gekko Acoustic Box Fans

  • Systemair Revolution Stratos

  • Systemair Revolution Vector EC Fans

  • Can Fan iso-Max Acoustic Duct Fan

  • SystemAir Revolution Stratos AC Fan (Silenced)

  • Can Fan Q-Max EC Digital Acoustic Duct Fan

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