Fan Speed Controllers
There is no doubt that you have or will have problems with temperature & humidity if you are not controlling you’re growing environment thermostatically. A fan speed or temperature controller will save you a big headache. Set the dials to your desired parammeters and when the heat level exceeds this temperature, the fans will start. Pick from or range which include, SMScom, Control Freak, Ram Can-fan and G.A.S EC controllers fan controllers to keep your grow room conditions in the sweet spot.

  • Variispeed Manual Controller

  • SMSCom Smart Controller 6.5amp Single Fan Speed – Mk2

  • SMSCom Thermostat for Smart Controller 6.5 amp mk2

  • SMSCom Twin Fan Speed Controller

  • SMSCom Hybrid Twin Fan Speed Controller

  • Control Freak 3amp Fan Controller

  • Control Freak 7amp Fan Controller

  • Control Freak 13amp Fan Controller

  • RAM Air-Pro Fan controller

  • Can Fan Q-Max EC Digital Fan Controller

  • SMSCom Switchbox All in One Controller 2 Light

  • SMSCom Temperature Sensor 5m

  • SMSCom Spare Fuse

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