LED – Light Emitting Diode Lighting
With an LED lighting system, plants are exposed to an intense full spectrum light. LED lighting systems solve temperature problems as they have low heat output levels which mean they can be positioned close to plants without risk of burning them, there are many cheap, ineffective LED grow lights on the market that are just not up to the job.

Grow and Harvest have tried and tested many LED grow lights, and have eliminated all but a few, the BUDMASTER, KIND and the SPECTRUM KING range. All of these fixtures match hps lighting systems and have less potential for water damage, because they don’t have cooling fans or moving parts to become damaged. Built to last 50000hr lamp life and highly energy efficient.

  • Secret Jardin T-LED Supplemental Light

  • Kind K3 Series LED Lighting System

  • Kind K5 Series LED Lighting System

  • Budmaster II GOD LED Grow Lights

  • Spectrum King LED 300+ Wide Angel

  • Spectrum King LED 400+ Wide Angle

  • Spectrum King LED 600+ Wide Angel

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