Soil Mixes
Soil makes you think of the stuff found in back gardens. Garden soil is not what we’re looking for here, it’s far too heavy and dense to give roots a good start in life.
The kind of soils was looking for are blended specifically for growing in containers and will contain sand, perlite, peat, grit, moss and other materials to make them light and airy
Soil provides an ideal breeding ground for plant friendly microbes and fungi which will help plants absorb nutrients more easily. With many soil mixes, available growers will wonder what the best soil mixture is? But it is a personal preference on what you think works best for you and your plants.

  • Canna Terra Seed Mix

  • Canna Terra Professional Plus Soil Mix

  • House and Garden Light Mix

  • House and Garden Bat Mix Special

  • Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme

  • BioBizz All – Mix Soil

  • Plagron Bat Mix

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