Ph & Ec Control
Adjusting the strength (EC) and pH of the nutrient solution to the correct levels for a particular week in your plant’s life is critical for hydroponic growing. Firstly you will need a reliable and accurate nutrient strength metre ( EC metre) and pH metre for taking readings when making and adjusting nutrient solution. Bluelab metres, Hortistick, HM digital and the pH pal, are popular with many growers. If looked after properly they are a reliable and essential piece of grow kit.

  • VitaLink pH Test Indicator 5.6 to 7.4

  • HM Digital pH 80 Meter

  • HM Digital Com 80 EC Meter

  • pH Pal Plus – pH Meter

  • HortiStick pH & Ec meter

  • Bluelab pH Pen

  • Bluelab EC Pen

  • Bluelab Nutrient Truncheon Ec

  • Bluelab Combo Meter pH & Ec

  • Bluelab Guardian Monitor pH & Ec

  • Bluelab Meter Carry Case

  • Bluelab Replacement pH Probe

  • VitaLink Meter Store

  • VitaLink Buffer 4

  • VitaLink Buffer 7

  • VitaLink CF Standard

  • Dutch Pro pH Down Bloom

  • Dutch Pro pH Down Grow

  • Dutch Pro pH Up

  • Canna pH Down Bloom Pro

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