Ph & Ec Meters
Maintaining the optimal EC (strength) and pH your nutrient solution is crucial to growing successfully. A quality EC meter and pH meter will help growers consistently achieve high yielding gardens. Bluelab meters are a particular favourite with G&H customers.

The pH value of your nutrient solution controls the availability of nutrients to plants. Sounds simple? Well actually no, to make things a little more complex – different nutrients are available at different pH ranges. For plants grown hydroponically the ideal pH range is between 5.8 and 6.2, with plants grown in soil the target is slightly higher nearer 6.5. This range provides plants with the maximum availability of the most nutrients

EC stands for Electrical Conductivity.  Measuring EC will tell you how much dissolved salt is in your solution. Mineral salts are used in fertilisers to provide your plants with all the elements they need.

Follow your feed charts EC guide line to get the most out of your garden.


  • VitaLink pH Test Indicator 5.6 to 7.4

  • HM Digital pH 80 Meter

  • HM Digital Com 80 EC Meter

  • pH Pal Plus – pH Meter

  • HortiStick pH & Ec meter

  • Bluelab pH Pen

  • Bluelab EC Pen

  • Bluelab Nutrient Truncheon Ec

  • Bluelab Combo Meter pH & Ec

  • Bluelab Guardian Monitor pH & Ec

  • Bluelab Meter Carry Case

  • Bluelab Replacement pH Probe

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