The Autopot automatic watering system is as good as it is simple, the system works using their patented Aquavalve (a gravity activated flow valve) to feed plants. The autopot Aquavalve is connected to the nutrient tank, it then fills the growing tray with a nutrient solution to a preset depth of 20mm, once this level is reached the valve stops the nutrient flow. Then as plants use the solution the Aquavalve refills the tray with a fresh batch keeping the plants constantly fed, all you need to do is fill up your nutrient tank.

Autopot systems can be used to grow a single plant with a one pot kit, or can be extended indefinitely, taking care of dozens upon dozens of plants with multiple pots.

The Autopot system is extremely easy to set up and extend, the system gives you the option of using a 15L square pot or the Autopot XL, which is a massive 25L, Grow and Harvest can provide you with any bespoke systems you may need.

  • Autopot 15L Pot (square)

  • Autopot Aquavalve

  • Autopot Aquavalve Cover

  • Autopot Air Dome

  • Autopot Tray and Lid (square)

  • Autopot Marix Disc (Square)

  • Autopot Root Control Copper Disc (Square)

  • Autopot XL tray and lid (round)

  • Autopot XL Pot 25L (round)

  • Autopot XL Root control Copper disc 260mm (round)

  • Autopot 47L Tank and Lid – 4mm Grommet

  • 4mm Filter (Fits Autopot 6mm pipe)

  • 6mm Autopot Top Hat Grommet

  • 6mm Autopot Irrigation Pipe

  • 4mm Joiner (Fits Autopot 6mm pipe)

  • 4mm Elbow Connector (Fits Autopot 6mm pipe)

  • 4mm Tee Connector (Fits Autopot 6mm pipe)

  • 4mm Cross Connector (Fits Autopot 6mm pipe)

  • 4mm Stop End x 10 (Fits Autopot 6mm pipe)

  • 4mm Inline Tap (Fits Autopot 6mm pipe)

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