The NFT system is the pioneer of hydroponic grow systems and remains one of the most cost-effective ways of growing indoors. In the NFT system, plants are grown in Rockwool cubes which are then placed in a constant flow of nutrient rich solution which means they have constant access to oxygen and vital elements needed for them to grow rapidly. Setting up an NFT system is relatively easy and only requires a feeding tray, nutrient tank and a small pump. The nutrient solution is spread out using a spreader Matt, this regulates the flow to between 1-3mm of depth, the solution then travels down the feeding tray (which is on a slight decline)  feeding the plants in there rock wool cubes. The remaining nutrient solution then drops into the storage tank where the small pump recirculates it back to the feeding tray, constantly ensuring that the nutrients are feed to the root. This produces minimal waste, all you will need to replace at the end of the growing cycle is the spreader Matt and rock wool cubes.

All in all the NFT is an inexpensive, productive system that produces big yields with minimum waste, we would recommend NFT to first-time hydroponic system grower

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