Grow Lights
Grow Lights at Grow and Harvest are British Standard approved and bear CE certifications. They also come with a minimum two years parts and labour manufacturer’s guarantee. These top-quality products are a safe and reliable choice of lighting for any grow room.

Picking the correct grow light for your grow room will have a massive impact on the quantity and quality of your final yield. Making the wrong decision will lead to poor performing plants with low yield, poor taste, and general ill health.

Be wary of cheap, imported lighting as they are usually underpowered and use cheap components, which make them unsafe. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

We offer a wide range of propagation and supplementary lighting in the form of fluorescent lighting systems like the Maxibright T5 fixtures and Maxibright CLF lamps (compact fluorescent lamp).

Grow and Harvest are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest lighting technologies, at the forefront today we have cutting edge low power and low heat LED and CDM lighting. LED fixtures from KIND, Budmaster and SpectrumKing or our favourite of the bunch  the Maxibright Daylight 315w CDM kit, its a close to natural sunlight as you can get.

We also have various HPS (high-pressure sodium) or MH (metal halide) lighting options available providing maximum intensity in a range of power outputs to suit every grow room.

Here at Grow & Harvest we like to think that we offer one of the greatest and most comprehensive ranges of grow lights currently available on the market, encompassing grow lights to suit all hydroponics set-ups and systems. From Gavita lights to grow light kits and much more, whatever it is that you’re looking for, if it is hydroponics lighting related we strive to be able to assist you. Browse our hydroponic lighting collections below, or call our knowledge and friendly team for assistanc

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