Once you have established that you’re using the right type of light for your plants, HPS, MH, CDM or LED, it is also important to make sure that the light is directed to minimise energy loss.

Grow and Harvest stock a wide range of reflectors which can be separated into four main groups, parabolic, closed reflectors, open reflectors and air cooled reflectors so if you’re just beginning or are already an experienced indoor grower, we will have something to suit you.

Choosing the correct reflector will make a massive difference to the final quality and yield you achieve, a well-designed reflector can be up to 30% more efficient.For those who have problems with high temperatures, we suggest an air cooled reflector, a necessity in the warm summer months, this type of enclosed glass reflector is an absolute life saver. Each of our air-cooled reflectors is a cost effective way of helping you to keep grow room temperatures under control as they can also be placed closer to your plants than non-air-cooled reflectors. Each comes with glass already installed. These lights can be daisy-chained together with your ducting and an Isomax or RVK fan to push cold air through the sealed reflector over hot lamp thus cooling them.

  • Maxibright Pro CFL Reflector

  • Maxibright Pro CFL Twin Reflector

  • Maxibright Euro Reflector

  • Maxibright PLUS (1000w) EuroWing Reflector

  • Maxibright Daylight CDM Twin Lamp Reflector

  • Adjust-A-wing Enforcer Reflector – Large

  • Adjust-A-wing Enforcer Reflector – Medium

  • Adjust-A-Wing Avenge Miro Silver Reflector – Large

  • Adjust-A-wing Avenger Miro Silver Reflector – Medium

  • Lumatek Adjust-A-lite Reflector

  • Maxibright Supernova Reflector LRG

  • Maxibright Supernova (Daylight) Reflector (+ Adapter)

  • Ecotechnics Diamond Reflector

  • SunKing Great 8 Reflector

  • SunKing Parabolic Reflector

  • Sol-Digital DE Stealth Euro Reflector

  • Sol-Digital DE Stealth Adjusta Reflector

  • Cool Wing Air Cooled Reflector

  • Lumatek Adjustable Air Cooled Reflector

  • Maxibright Goldstar Air Cooled Reflector

  • Sunlight Supply Dominator XXXL Air Cooled Reflector

  • Hydro Farm Raptor Dual Lamp Mega Air Cooled Reflector

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