Best Of The Rest  

Best of the Rest, with so many nutrient manufacturers out there, it can get a little confusing, there are literally hundreds, each having many products within their particular range.

Grow and Harvest Hydroponic Superstore have hand picked the standout additives from across the hydroponic growing industry and have brought you this category, Best of the Rest.

Plant Success Great White and Orca, Xtreme Gardening, Evapontics Liquid Ice, Moonshine, Budlink, Hygrozyme, Halo, Rock Resinator Terminator  and Superthrive to name but a few.

  • Guanokalong Taste Improver

  • Guanokalong Bat Guano Powder 1 kg

  • Halo Powder – 5 x 2.5 Gram Sachets

  • Hygrozyme

  • Density Power Boost Pro

  • Density Weight Finisher

  • Dutch Hydro Superbud Reborn

  • Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer

  • Rock Resonator

  • Mammoth P Microbes

  • Bud Link

  • Grotek Flush

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