Cyco Platinium Series 
Cyco Platinium Series nutrients are a leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of superior hydroponic products, developed and researched by their resident chemist and plant physiologist. Cyco Platinum Series nutrients use only the finest British pharmaceutical ingredients, ensuring industry leading products and the highest quality and consistency available.

Cyco platinum’s vision is to be the new benchmark in product quality and with over 28 years in the industry, they have produced a quality driven product range. Their product line is a component system, much like Advanced Nutrients and Humboldt Nutrients, this enables plants to get nutrition exactly when they enter critical growth stages, this avoids nutrients building up in a plant’s system which would lead to overfeeding.

Outstanding additives such as Uptake, Swell, Supa Sticky, Sugar Rush and Cyco XL only enhance the companies reputation with more and more growers switching to the component style feeding system.

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