Growth Technology

As the concept of hydroponics swept across Australia, the demand for nutrients grew at an exponential rate. To help meet the demand Growth Technology engaged the services of a professional chemist to produce and improve their range of plant nutrients and hydroponic liquids.

They now formulate and manufacture commercial and retail nutrients for customers across the world. The primary plant nutrient produced is Ionic, which has a feed type available for every type of substrate and system, additives like Blackjack, Nitrozyme, Formulex, Silicon, Hydro Burst, and Liquid Oxygen compliment the main line making Growth Technology an excellent choice for growers.

Growth Technology also makes great pH products, their pH up and down is highly concentrated and is super cost effective.

  • Clonex Rooting Gel

  • Growth Technology Wetting Agent

  • Growth Technology Nitrozyme

  • Growth Technology BlackJak

  • Growth Technology Liquid Oxygen Oxy-Plus

  • Growth Technology Liquid Silicon

  • Growth Technology Hydroburst

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