Plagron is possibly one of Holland’s best producers of nutrients and exceptional substrates. 20 years in the industry has seen Plagron grow from a small worm farm into a multinational company that deserves to be at the top of the market. Whether you grow in soil or coco, you will find Plagron won’t let you down!

Plagron’s top two flowering boosters, Green Sensation and Sugar Royal are top performers leaving growers with increased quality and yield. If you are after high quality, bigger plants you’ll love Plagron.

Try matching Plagron’s nutrient range with their substrates Cocos Premium, or bat mix soil. All top quality substrates and available at Grow and Harvest.

  • Plagron Mega Worm

  • Plagron Start Up

  • Plagron Cocos A&B

  • Plagron Terra Grow

  • Plagron Terra Bloom

  • Plagron Power Roots

  • Plagron Vita Race

  • Plagron Pure Enzyme

  • Plagron Green Sensation

  • Plagron Sugar Royal

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