Autopot XL 8 Pot Kit With 100L Flexi Tank

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Autopot XL 8 Pot Kit With 100L Flexi Tank

The Autopot XL automatic watering system is as good as it is simple, the system works using their patented Aquavalve (a gravity activated flow valve) to feed plants.

The autopot Aquavalve connects to the nutrient tank, it then fills the growing tray with the nutrient solution to a preset depth of 20mm, once this level is reached the valve stops the nutrient flow.

Then as plants use the solution, the Aquavalve refills the tray with a fresh batch keeping plants continuously fed, the 25L Autopot round pot gives plenty of room for plants to develop into large high yielding monsters. We stock multiple sizes of Autopot XL systems ranging from a simple 1 pot system right up to the massive 24 pot system, but you don’t have to stop there, you can keep extending the size of the system indefinitely.

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