BioBizz Leaf Coat



BioBizz Leaf Coat BioBizz Leaf Coat is a 100% Organic Plant Strengthener that helps protect against fungi, moulds and insects. Made from natural latex BioBizz Leaf Coat is a ready to use product that was developed to reduce evaporation. BioBizz Leaf Coat strengthens plants and provides them with a powerful repellant effect on harmful insects and pests. Note – Foliar feed plants before your lights go on or in low lighting to avoid burning plants. Take care to keep liquids and away from HID Lighting and other electrical equipment. BioBizz Leaf Coat comes pre-mixed and ready to use, spray leaves and flowers, repeat this twice a week in growth and early bloom. Note – The 500ml size comes in a really to use spray gun, the 1L come in a 1l standard bottle.

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500ml, 1L

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