Centrifugal Humidifier HR-15 with Analogue Humidistat


Accurately Control the Humidity of Your Grow Space for Excellent Results

The Centrifugal Humidifier HR-15 is adept at meeting the needs of your plant, ensuring humidity levels are optimal to produce the best possible results from your plants. The Centrifugal Humidifier HR-15 is compact and will fit into any grow space, ensuring your plants receive perfect humidity for exceptional growth.


Convenient size to suit small spaces
Simply connects to water tap/tank
Automatic top-up when connected to another reservoir
Comes complete with the Analogue Humidistat for complete control.

Coverage- 15~30m²
Power consumption – 90W
Humidification Capacity – 1,500cc/hour
Feed-Water Pressure – Less than 5kgs/cm²
Dimensions – 31cm x 31cm x 47cm

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