The new way to achieve an even grow room climate!

You can suspend one in the centre of a square tent, or use multiples in larger areas.

  • Simple Environmental Control
  • Save on valuable floor space
  • Eliminate Windburn and Cold air streams
  • Either attach to an inline fan or to inline ducting.
  • Avoid hotspots

Create a Uniform Growing Environment

Use the DiffuseAir to mix grow room air thoroughly by attaching it to an inline fan hung from the ceiling or attach to an existing inline intake fan. This completely new grow room addition will help evenly disperse humidity and help to maintain a more constant temperature and eliminate hot spots.

The diffuseAir will free up floor space and avoid windburn by eliminating the need for pedestal fans

Forget about hot spots around plants! With a DiffuseAir hung from your ceiling, air from the top of your room is pushed out just over the canopy. This gently freshens the environment around plants.

It’s simple to use – position your DiffuseAir System with rope ratchets or chain above the plant canopy, air from the top of your room will then be pushed out just over the canopy.

To use the DiffuseAir, you’ll need to attach it to an inline fan (sold separately)

Weight N/A

Fan Size

100mm – 4", 125mm – 5", 150mm – 6", 200mm – 8", 250mm – 10"

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