Gavita Pro 600w SE Classic Full Fixture 400volt


Gavita Pro 600w SE Classic Full Fixture 400volt

Gavita Pro Line light fixtures give off minimal heat, there is no reason why you shouldn’t install complete fixtures in your grow room.

The Professional full lighting fixture eliminates the need for long wires from remote high frequency electronic ballasts to lamps that can cause electromagnetic interference.

The 600w Gavita Pro-Line ballast is adjustable allowing growers to alter the light output between 400w, 440w, 600w and 66ow.

Gavita Pro 600 SE Classic Full Fixture 400volt Gavita Professional horticulture lighting fixtures are famous all over the world, the 600w – 400v Variable Digital fixture can be adjusted to 300w, 400w, 500w, 600w, and a massive 660w producing top yields time and time again. Gavita lights are so intense that the 1000w version shouldn’t be used in a standard height tent, you will need one at lease 2.2m high, however the dual spectrum Gavita 600w – 400v was specially designed to fit into 2m high grow tent. Gavita 400 Volt fixtures are far more efficient than standard HPS systems. They use the same amount of power so cost the same to run, the difference is that the Gavita Pro 400v uses a higher voltage current generating a higher PAR (plant usable light) rating and will give at least 10% higher yield compared to the top standard HPS systems. In addition to higher yields, plants grown with a 400v HPS are greener and healthier, due the broader fuller light spectrum provided by the Philips Greenpower double ended lamps that come fitted as standard. At first glance the Gavita reflector looks small, but its specially designed to force light directly downwards towards plants the surface of the reflector has one of the best coatings available and gives an incredibly even light spread and gives 95% reflectivity. Note – As soon as lamps are switched on they will run extremely hot. Before handling, lamps should be switched off the ballast disconnected and allowed to cool down. All high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps need to be handled with care it, avoid touching the lamp and particular, care must be taken when using sprays or liquids around hot lamps as this may cause failure or explosion. 600 Watt Gavita Pro Line (400V) Features: Only for use with 600W EL lamp No acoustic resonance Up to 8% more grow light Light maintenance after 5000 hrs > 95% System design and concept by GAVITA Electronics by Philips Sealed housing (Class I) with Gore-Tex ventilation plug Microprocessor controlled, LED status indicator Professional UV resistant rubber wiring Very low heat dissipation and optimal cooling Driver efficiency at full power 95-96% UL Listed 600 Watt Gavita Pro Line (400V) Specifications: Input Voltage: 240-277 Volt Input Current 1: 2.7A at 240V Power Factor: > 0.98 Input Frequency: 50-60 Hz Output Connection: IEC C14, power cable 10 ft with 240V plug Dimensions: 22.3″/567mm (length) x 9.4”/240mm (width) x 7.5”/191mm (height) Case Temp. (°C): 20 – 50°C Reflector Material: HortiStar HR 96 600 in bracket Light Source: Master GP T EL 600W Luminous Flux: 90,000 Lumens PPF: 1170 μMol/sec



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