House and Garden Light Mix


House and Garden Light Mix

House and Garden have decades of experience within the professional horticultural industry. Many years of product development have provided us with a soil mix that has all the qualities needed for exceptional growth, excellent drainage, stable pH, and an airy oxygen rich environment. This coupled with a blend of slow-release NPK nutrients makes House and Garden Light Mix an excellent medium for young plants and rooted cuttings.

House and Garden Light Mix is made using two types of peat, German Black and Baltic White. German Black Peat has a fine texture, whereas Baltic White is chunkier and spongier. This combination with the addition of perlite provides the perfect balance, with a nice, free-flowing, free draining structure.

As the name suggests House & Garden Light Mix contains a light mix of bat guano. Guano is a slow release macro and micro nutrient rich additive, which will see your plant through the first 1-2 weeks of growth. House and Garden Light Mix is a natural product and can be disposed of safely and, it can also be used in compost or garden beds.

House and Garden Light Mix Contains – 1 x 50L bag

Weight 20 kg
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