Imperium Plus Feed Duration Controller

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Imperium Plus Feed Duration Controller – Maximum Control

  • Needs no wiring – plugs straight into the wall
  • Fitted with two plug sockets to control two pieces of equipment
  • Achieve maximum precision timing
  • Can be set to switch equipment on in mins or seconds
  • Built-in Grasslin Timer
  • Perfect for use with water pumps
  • Choosefeed duration between a minimum of 1 second up to 15 minutes

Imperium Plus Feed Duration Controller

The Imperium Plus Feed Duration Controller can be used to give precisely timed feeds to plants, the timer has to 3 prongs plugs allowing you to control two separate pieces of grow room equipment. The timer can be set to deliver a single feed of 1 second right up to 15mins feeds. Giving growers maximum control.

Just use the Grasslin clock timer to set the times that you require you’re your pump to switch on, then set the duration using the minutes/ seconds knob on the right hand side. You can switch between minutes and seconds by pushing the knob in – the LED will light up on the face to let you know which mode you are in.

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