Lumii Aerotube Air Cooled Reflector


  • Simple to set up
  • Effective grow room heat removal
  • Thick robust glass exterior
  • Daisy Chain Multiple Reflectors with Ease
  • Easy access to lamp

Lumii Aerotube Air Cooled Reflector

The Lumii Aerotube air cooled reflector is a part aluminium, part heat resistant glass tubular reflector designed to house horizontal HID lamps. Air blown through the shade carries away excess heat from the lamp, this heat is then expelled from the grow room, allowing a greater degree of temperature control, this is particularly important in small grow rooms and warmer weather.

The air-cooling of these reflectors allows them to be positioned close to plants, The Aerotube reflector also comes with two externally mounted reflective aluminium dimpled wings, which help to reflect maximum light towards plants improving yields. The ceramic lamp holder provided is heat resistant and is positioned to mount double-ended lamps horizontally.

Contains –

1 x LUMii Aerotube Reflector,

1 x set of hanging hooks


Note – 150mm (6”) Suitable for use with HPS & MH lamps up to a maximum power of 600w.

200mm (8”) Suitable for use with HPS & MH lamps up to a maximum power of 1000w.


Weight N/A
Reflector Type

Single Reflector

Reflector Type

Air Cooled Reflectors

Reflector Spigot Size

150mm – (6"), 200mm – (8")

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