Mammoth P Microbes


Mammoth P delivers unto  a 16% yield increase, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Extensively tested in Colorado by full-time growers and is proven to increase growth by 16% (independent labs)
  • Contains beneficial bacteria that act like micro bioreactors
  • Produces enzymes that break down locked-out phosphorus, making it available to your plants
  • Delivers increased levels of phosphorus, keeping internodes shorter and focusing energy on flower production
  • Can be used in all media types soil, soilless (coco), passive and active hydroponic systems
  • Helps protect the rhizosphere, out-competing harmful pathogenic microbes
  • Works with any base nutrient
  • Doesn’t increase EC or PPM when used correctly
  • Has a near neutral pH
  • Runs clean in any system – no blockages
  • Fully accredited OMRI for organic use
  • One litre mixes into over 6000 litres of nutrient solution! A little goes along way




Too good to be true?

Once in a while along comes an new additive that performs Mammoth P is one of these products.

Plants can perform so well that you may be able to shave one to two weeks off your schedule, cutting down your vegetative cycle and flowering times meaning more weight in less time!

Mammoth P is the very first organically derived microbial inoculant that maximises the phosphorus/micro nutrient cycling to enhance plant health, resulting in increased vigour, stronger stems and superior growth.

Expect to see a 16% increase in yield and higher resin production, whilst maintaining a growers true No.1 objective… Quality!

The Mammoth P Mission

We aim to enable the healthiest, most productive, and most profitable crops possible, while minimizing impacts on our environment by developing and producing natural easy-to-use plant growth stimulants.

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