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Mountain Air Filters

Voted North America’s Best Filter – FIVE TIMES!! (3 Year Life)

Mountain Air Filters a premium range of carbon filters, which have been designed to give maximum quality and performance as well as durability. These filters are extremely durable, giving more than 3 years of continuous use. Growers can sleep easy knowing that they have high quality, long lasting odour control. Mountain Air Filters look simple from the outside. However, the inside contains sophisticated interior designs using unique materials.

The filters require very little maintenance and also reduce noise levels. The MountainAir4® range use a rare carbon derived from sub-bituminous black coal deposited in a Pre-Cambrian formation some 280 Million years ago. It is from the oldest coal on earth, has an extremely low ash content, which makes it unique. They also offer superior air flow when compared to other filters, due to the very low activated carbon density.

Keep your eye out for fakes – Mountain Air will make it worth your while!! “Any filter offered for sale as a MountainAir ® filter that does not bear the “Genuine MountainAir ®” emblem is a fake. Mountain Air offers a standing $10,000 US cash reward to anyone providing information concerning such an offence leading to a conviction under trademark law

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100mm x 400mm – 4", 125mm x 500mm – 5", 150mm x 1000mm – 6", 150mm x 500mm – 6", 200mm x 1000mm – 8", 200mm x 500mm – 8", 250mm x 1000mm – 10", 250mm x 800mm – 10", 315mm x 1000mm – 12", 315mm x 800mm – 12"

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