RAM Air-Pro Fan controller


RAM Air-Pro Fan Speed Controller Controlling the environment in your grow room is on of the biggest challenges an indoor grower will face. To give plants the best possible chance of producing a high yield conditions need to be controlled and maintained at optimal levels, any stale Co2 depleted air must be removed and replaced with fresh Co2 rich air, temperature and humidity must also be monitored and kept at optimal levels. Using a fan speed controller will make this job more manageable.   The RAM AIR-PRO Fan Speed Controller is a plug and play intelligent indoor climate controller, controlling intake and extraction fans thermostatically. Set the required grow room temperature and position the temperature sensor in an optimal location, usually at the same height as the plant canopy the unit will then maintain it by speeding up and slowing down fans automatically while retaining negative pressure. Its crucial that fans always need to run fast enough to remove and replenish CO2 in the grow room, without this growth, will be stunted and slow. The RAM AIR-PRO Fan Speed Controller allows growers to set the minimum fan speed, maintaining a steady flow of fresh Co2 rich air to the grow room. Available in 2 models  Note     8 Amp Model Max Load – 8 Amps (4 Amps per outlet)     16 Amp High Power model – 16 Amps (8 Amps per outlet)

Max Power Load

8amp, 16amp

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