SMSCom Switchbox All in One Controller 2 Light

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SMSCOM Switchbox All in One Controller 2 Light

The SMSCOM Switchbox All in one 2 way is a complete grow room control unit for 2 lights, a heater and 2 ventilation fans. The switchbox is a plug and play controller so no wiring is required, just plug in your lights, heater, intake fan and extraction fan and you’re off.

Lighting control
There is a light socket located on each side of the Switchbox supporting up to 600 watts each. Lights can be set to turn on and off using the built-in heavy duty Grasslin timer. To operate the timer, rotate the timer face until the correct time is set, then raise the segments at the time you wish connected equipment to be switched on. Conversely, ensure that when you wish equipment to be switched off segment remains in the down position.

Heater Control
A heater of up to 1200w watts can be plugged into the socket located on the bottom of the unit. As lights are switched off, the heater will switch on automatically maintaining a constant temperature throughout the night cycle.

Fan Speed Control
Two ventilation fans (intake and extraction) can also be controlled ensuring optimal running at all times.
Select the minimum fan speed and your maximum temperature level. The Switchbox comes with two temperature probes, whenever the temperature levels rise above the preset level, the Switchbox automatically increases fan speeds to cool the grow room.

If grow room temperatures get too high, the built-in temp protector feature automatically switches a light off until temperature levels drop below the setting on the ‘Max Temperature’ controller. The lamp will then stay off for 30 minutes. This excellent feature will protect plants from high temperatures as well as ensuring that the grow room runs safely at all times.

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