Spectrum King LED 400+ Wide Angle

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Spectrum King LED 400+ Wide Angle The Spectrum King LED 400+ is for high yielding plants and equivalent to a 1000w HPS. The Spectrum King LED 400+ Wide Angle is the LED light Grow and Harvest and growers have been waiting for, tried and tested by us, we can say first hand that they deliver top quality, heavy yielding crops. The blindingly bright, intense full spectrum light generated by this fixture is second to none. You can tell it’s a top quality light fixture as soon as you see it. A traditional 1000w HPS light requires an obvious 1000w to operate at full capacity, the Spectrum King LED 400+, however, uses just 450w to do the same job! Creating far less heat and saving power at the same time, win – win. The Spectrum King offers true full spectrum lighting, mimicking midday sun by providing nearly every colour in the visible light spectrum and many more that go unnoticed to the human eye, but not to plants. The unnoticed light spectrums play a pivotal role in a heavy yielding plants growth cycle, intense yellow spectrum light warms plants, opening the stomata to allow photo-respiration to take place the plants go into overdrive consuming high levels nutrients creating vigorous growth and reaching higher yields. The Spectrum King has no moving parts is waterproof and comes with a robust hanging bracket for easy positioning. Note – It’s recommended that the Spectrum King is hung 12” – 18” above plants. Power consumption-    440w Lifespan-                        50000hrs Weight-                           9.5 Kg

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