UVONAIR – 10″ CD-1000 2 Cell (in-line 40,000 Cu Ft)


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UVONAIR – Ozone Generator UVONAIR – Ozone Generator’s are professional odour destroying units. The ozone generator is used to eliminate odours and bacteria by safely altering the molecular structure effectively tearing odour molecules apart and killing bacteria. The Uvonair In-Duct Ozone Generator uses corona discharge tubes to produce ozone, the largest of the generators can provide a massive 5800mg of ozone per hour!! The Uvonair unit should be fitted to the extraction system directly after the fan and carbon filter. The ozone produced is then mixed with the air leaving the grow room as it travels down the ducting, destroying odours, bacteria and mould, the ozone generators require at least 5 metres of ducting to enable the ozone to mix with the air being treated. Note – In large quantities Ozone is harmful to humans and animals, the air leaving the ducting should not blow directly into an area where it could cause harm. Ducting should be positioned somewhere that the ozone will have time to discharge and disperse safely. The Uvonair should be used in conjunction with a carbon filter extraction system, it will not replace your extraction system. UVONAIR – Ozone Generator Sizes and capacity – Uvonair – 10″ CD-1000 2 Cell in-line 40,000 Cu Ft

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